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 COMOY'S 年份簡介


文章數 : 1407
注冊日期 : 2009-11-20

發表主題: COMOY'S 年份簡介   周三 2月 09, 2011 4:12 pm

Towards a Comoy Dating Guide (Draft) by Greg Pease

[This document is in draft form. I'll be working on further revision, and filling in details as they become available. Also, as information about the various "second" lines, such as Guildhall, Everyman, Astor, etc., becomes available, I'll add it here.-glp]

[此份文件目前僅僅只是個草案形式而已。我將致力於進一步修改,增添並補充細節以完善它的正確性,讓此份資料變得更為可用。此外,有關其他Comoy的各種“二線(副牌)”產品,如Guildhall, Everyman, Astor,等等(*註一),在可用之時,我會把它增加至此- GLP(*註二)]

I'm not a collector of Comoy pipes specifically, but enough of them have passed through my collection over the past 20 years for me to have gotten some sense of determining at least the relative age of them. About a year ago, I started trying to make some real sense of this, and though this is going to be a lengthy project, involving much more research and "pipe archaeology," I thought I'd share my current thoughts and speculations, and solicit any additional information which must exist out there in Cyberia. Much of this article is extracted from something I had originally posted on ASP. Over time, I'll refine and update it as new facts find their way to me.


A Very Brief History一個非常簡短的歷史

The Comoy pipe is historically significant. François Comoy in Saint Claude, France originally founded the company in the early 1820's, as a manufacturer of clay pipes. In 1848, either François or his son, Louis, made the first Bruyére pipe from the root burl of the indigenous White Heath, Erica arborea, known today as briar. Henri Comoy, son of Louis, established Comoy's of London in 1879 where most Comoy pipes have been made since. Sometime in the 1980s, Comoy was bought or absorbed into Cadogan Industries, who continue to make the Comoy pipe today.

根據Comoy煙斗的重大歷史事件。François Comoy在1820年代早期於"法國-聖克勞德”(*註四) 所開創設立的公司,於1848年製造生產陶土煙斗(**補一) 。無論是François Comoy或是他的兒子Louis,他們其中一人製造了第一把從Erica arborea(*註五)根瘤,所製造而成的Bruyére煙斗,也就是今天眾所周知的石楠木。Louis的兒子Henri Comoy,於1879年在倫敦建立Comoy煙斗公司。在上世紀 1980年代Comoy被收購至Cadogan Industries(*註六)旗下一員,Cadogan Industries直至今日仍然繼續製造生產Comoy煙斗。

Dating Hints 年份提示

There are a few things that allow the Comoy collector to get an idea of the vintage of a particular piece. The lettering style and the stamping of the country of origin are the most obvious things to consider.


I am fortunate to have a few pieces with original hallmarked silver bands that helped tie some of the more sketchy information together. Until I have a chance to photograph the various marks, or otherwise reproduce them, we'll have to settle for a description of the markings.


The oldest verified nomenclature I have seen allows us to date a piece to the teens and before; how much before, I can't say, as older examples have not available to me. The stamping on my 1916 example is weak, but legible, and reads, "Comoy's" in a slightly ornate script, canted to the right, with "LONDON MADE" in block, sans serif, upper case letters directly beneath. Additionally, there may be an underline beneath "Comoy's."

最古老的驗證就我所看到的名稱,我所見到的迄今為止最早的一個年代戳記;在此之前,我不能說老的樣本對我來說是無用的。我擁有一把1916年的樣本,其戳記已是很微弱,但字跡清楚,並可讀取,"Comoy's"戳記,所使用的是華麗的花體字樣,並向右傾斜的,與"LONDON MADE",無襯線(*註八)(圖二)的大寫字母正楷字體,在"Comoy's"戳記的下方。此外,"Comoy's"字體下方可能是有一個下劃線(圖一)



There are flies in every ointment, however. The determining factor for these early pipes may be nothing more than the "LONDON MADE" with the type-face of the brand and model designation varying. John Loring was kind enough to send me some information on a verified 1919 cased set of "Prima" grade pipes, showing "COMOY'S" in upper-case, serif type, with "C" larger than the rest.

美中不足的是。在這些初期的Comoy煙斗,其決定性因素不外乎是"LONDON MADE"與型式,面對不同品牌和型號來命名的。John Loring(**補二) 非常友好的寄了些資料給我,經過核實 1919年"Prima"級別的套裝煙斗,顯示"COMOY'S大寫的,襯線字體,而是以“C”大於其他的字體。(圖三)(圖三-1)


(圖三-1) (此把Comoy's PRIMA戳記 才符合上述內容 PS:照片內容更新 2011/02/12 )

In the twenties through at least 1938, "COMOY'S" is stamped in upper case serif type, with the "C" larger than the rest, printed on a slight curve. The typeface is somewhat more ornamented than that used in later years. The grade of the pipe is stamped in block letters directly under the "COMOY'S" stamping. The place of origin stamp is "LONDON" over "MADE," in a sort of football shape.



Of significance during this period is the registartion in 1933 of the Trade-Mark "Grand Slam" by Comoy's of London. I do not know when the first Grand Slam pipe actually appears, however.

在1933年期間註冊了"Grand Slam" by Comoy's of London(*註十)商標。但是我不知道Grand Slam煙斗,第一次出現的時間是在什麼時候。

COMOYS GRAND SLAM 1936年廣告宣傳頁 (**補圖二)

The third period, approximately 1938 through the early to mid-forties or so, has the same "COMOY'S" stamp and grade, with the country of origin changing to the circular "MADE IN ENGLAND," the word "IN" in the center of the circle formed by the words "MADE" and "ENGLAND."

第三個時期,約在1938年起,至1940年代初期至中期左右,具有相同的“COMOY'S”戳記和級別,其原產地戳記改變為"MADE IN ENGLAND"其中“IN”處於“MADE”及”ENGLAND”所形成的圓環字樣中心(圖五)(圖六)


(圖六) (**補三)

It gets murky, here. In the mid- to late forties, the fancier "COMOY'S" stamp was replaced with a sans serif, block lettered "COMOYS," with no apostrophe, while the country of origin stamp remained the same. I'll have to track down the patent dates present on some of these pipes to get a closer idea of the actual date this change took place.



In the early 50's, the sans serif "COMOY'S" was stamped, with the apostrophe, and the country of origin stamp changed to "MADE IN LONDON" in a similar circle, with "ENGLAND" underneath in a straight line.

在1950年代初期, “COMOY'S”戳記使用無襯線字體,有撇號,原產地戳記改變為"MADE IN LONDON",IN在環形圓圈之中,"ENGLAND"在其下方成一直線上。

Sometime in the 60's, it the serifs were returned to the "COMOY'S" lettering, though, as mentioned above, the typeface is not as fancy as the earlier one.



It appears that some grades carried different stamps or at least that the stamping changed in different years for some grades. At this point, this is highly speculative, as my sample size is too small to verify it.


From this information, we can get at least a fairly close approximation of the decade an older Comoy was made.



I have little interest in any Comoy made later, so have never looked at them very closely. I do know that at some point, the "C" on the stem, which had previously been fabricated with several circles of white plastic and vulcanite, became a simple painted on mark. This, I believe, indicates a Cadogan era pipe, when GBD, Comoy, Orlik and Loewe were all absorbed into one conglomerate, and, in my opinion, went to hell on a sled.

當我對Comoy煙斗感到小小的興趣之後,還沒有如此仔細的觀察它。我知道,有些重點是在於煙嘴上的“C形”標誌,以前一直是使用幾個白色塑料圓圈和硬橡膠所製造的,然後變成一個簡單的”C”記號。(圖十)這一點,我相信,它是表示Cadogan煙斗的時代,當GBD,Comoy,Orlik和Loewe(*註十二)都被收購到一個集團之後,就我看來就好像是,正在前往地獄的雪橇之上,每況愈下; 快速惡化。(圖十一)


(圖十一) 圖左為Pre-Cadogan Era樣式 圖右為Cadogan收購之後的樣式

The search for Comoy Truth continues, and I'll update this article with any new information when I can verify it. I hope this is of interest to the many aficionados of old Comoy pipes, and would really enjoy hearing any additional information. Some day, I hope to be able to find dates of introduction of many of the various grades. If you have old Comoy's and would like to help me in this research, drop me a line with a description of the stampings, the grade of the pipe, and anything you know about its origin, and I'll add this to my files.


In the near future, I'll try to include images of the different stampings, but no promises as to when! In the meanwhile, if you have any information not covered here, or evidence to support of rebuke some of the speculation presented, please contact me. With the help of other Comoy collectors, this can become, in time, a reasonably exhaustive resource.

在不久的將來,我會盡量嚐試提供一些包括不同的戳記圖片,但並沒有承諾會在什麼時候!在此期間,如果您有任何資料及訊息,是這裡未討論到的,或是有證據能夠支持推翻我個人的推測,請與我聯繫。以便幫助其他的 Comoy煙斗收藏家,讓這些資料可以及時,詳盡並且合理完整。

(圖十二) 1949年 COMOY'S煙斗銷售價格表

(圖十三) 1955年 COMOY'S煙斗銷售價格表

(圖十四) 1955年 DUNHILL煙斗銷售價格表

Ace of spades, Astor, Britannia, Carlyle, Charles Cross, Claridge, Cromwell, Dorchester, Dunbar, Drury Lane, Emerson, Everyman, Falcon, Grand Master, Gresham, Guildhall, Jockey, Kingsway, Lion's Head, Lord Clive, Hyde Park, Lloyds, Mc Gahey, Moorgate, Royal Falcon, Scotland Yard, St James, Sunrise, Sussex, The Academy Award, The Exmoor, The Golden Arrow, The Mansion House, Trident, Wilshire,

詳見 http://www.pipephil.eu/logos/en/logo-comoy.html

本篇原文取自於Mr. Greg Pease設立的GLP官網 原文詳見 http://www.glpease.com/Pipes/Comoy.html
這兒還有一些所收藏的COMOY'S煙斗 http://www.glpease.com/Pipes/Collection/comoy.html

ASP官網: http://www.aspipes.org/

Saint Claude, France法國煙斗重鎮 詳見

Erica arborea 詳見WIKI說明介紹 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erica_arborea

Cadogan官網 http://www.cadogan-gifts.com/ViewCategory.php?cat=21

純銀戳記年份比對 詳見 http://www.925-1000.com/enyc_Overview.html

serif type襯線字體 http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E8%A1%AC%E7%BA%BF%E4%BD%93

本文作者Mr. Greg Pease為美國人 football其意指為”AMERICAN FOOTBALL” 並非傳統的足球
AMERICAN FOOTBALL 詳見 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football
及 橄欖球 http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%A9%84%E6%AC%96%E7%90%83

"Grand Slam" by Comoy's of London 大英專利註冊碼 詳見GB405743

"Grand Slam" by Comoy's of London之後又於美國及加拿大申請專利字號
U.S.PAT. 2001612 Grand Slam Patent System
CAN.PAT. 341422 Grand Slam Patent System





sans serif type無襯線字體 http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E8%A1%AC%E7%BA%BF%E4%BD%93

Oppenheimer group旗下的英、法煙斗的關係圖

(圖一) 圖片來源於 http://www.derek-green.com/comoy_history03.htm

(圖二) 圖片來源於 http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E8%A1%AC%E7%BA%BF%E4%BD%93

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(圖四~圖十) 圖片來源於 http://yeoldebriars.com/nomenclature_comoy.html

(圖十一) 圖片來源於 http://www.derek-green.com/comoy_history03.htm

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(圖十五~十七) 圖片來源於EBAY http://stores.ebay.com/coopersark

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(圖十九) 圖片來源於 http://yeoldebriars.com/nomenclature_comoy.html

(圖十九) COMOY'S戳記年份比對表

本篇文章主體源於Mr. Greg Pease的Towards a Comoy Dating Guide
經草民添加其他網路上所收集的相關內容 並佐以照片圖片 以方便斗友閱讀
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陶土煙斗 參閱 http://pipedia.org/index.php?title=A_Short_History_Of_Clay_Pipes
專門討論倫敦陶土煙斗戳記 http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/claypipes/index.asp
收藏及討論陶土煙斗 http://www.dawnmist.demon.co.uk/pipdex.htm

(**補圖一) 圖片來源於 http://www.history.org/Foundation/journal/Winter03-04/pipes.cfm


John Loring 美國著名煙斗收藏家 專攻英倫品牌煙斗 尤以DUNHILL著墨最深
John Loring 於生前設立的網頁 http://www.loringpage.com/

資料來源於 http://yeoldebriars.com/nomenclature_comoy.html
*4(indicates leather washer size on the Grand Slam Patent system)
3-piece white bar + blue dot "Bar-logo"

就個人經手過的 Comoy's Grand Slam 見過的戳記有*4 *5 *6 但確切含義 尚不明瞭
猜測是Grand Slam Patent system鋁管上的某種裝置 (皮革墊圈)

(**補圖二) 圖片來源於EBAY

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COMOY'S 年份簡介

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